Paintology Collection

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Paintology Help Video 1- Drawing on an empty canvas

Watch this video to learn how you can use the empty canvas feature on the paintology app. This is the first video in a series of 4. The empty canvas allows you to pick a background color of your choice and work directly on it, similar to drawing on piece of paper. This is Part […]

Draw an Owl- Paintology Connect the Dots

Now you can draw this Owl by Connecting the Dots. This is for absolute beginners, and shouldn’t take a lot of time to complete.

Draw a Bird – Paintology Tutorial

Draw a bird.

A wintery river scene – Paintology Tutorial

In this drawing of a wintery scene, we show you how to work with color tones and values to give depth to the drawing. Look for more tutorials on your Paintology app. Happy Drawing & Painting!

Apple – Paint by Numbers – 4 colors – Paintology Tutorial

Apple is a great subject for drawing and improving the necessary skills to become a better artist. In this tutorial, we start off by drawing an apple with only 4 colors and then you gradually work way your way up to do 6 colors, 9 and then 12. Doing this builds up your confidence in […]

Draw an Egyptian Relic – Paintology Video Tutorials

In this video drawing of an Egyptian relic, the famous Tutankamun. Check out more tutorials with all range of skills. Happy Drawing & Painting!

Portrait Drawing with Paintology – Lineart/Trace approach

In this portrait drawing, I used the lineart and color to create the effect on this drawing. Combined with the traced image, the drawing has been produced with speed and any intermediate artist should be able to accomplish this drawing in under an hour. Tracing method is an ideal way to get into portrait drawings […]

Draw a Manga Face

In this tutorial, I show you how easy it is to draw a manga face from any angles. Just practice the techniques and in time, you will be able to create many new manga characters!