Author: ferdouse

Drawing on a giant 65 inch tablet!

Here is a giant 65 inch tablet that I put together. My 6 year old daughter took an interest in it and did her first drawing!

A snowy scene with a woman walking her dog – Created on Paintology

I drew this on my Samsung tablet with a stylus using the Paintology app. It was quite fun trying to depict the snow!

Drawing a collie using Paintology

I created this on my converted 32 inch touch display, watch the whole youtube video here…

Arun test

This is test

Pastel drawing of the famous Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh

This was a drawing based on the Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh, but done using oil pastels.

Done with colored pastels

This is a pastel drawing that I did on a stretched canvas. I needed to prepare the canvas with a white paint to take out rough surface. Hope you like it!

I drew this with charcoal on black matt paper

I drew this with charcoal on black matt paper. The contrast of the white charcoal against a dark background can produce striking images. You should give it a try!

A hand drawing with colored pastel pencils.

This is a drawing that I did with colored pastel pencils. The medium is really good to use and you can make semi-realistic drawings like this.

Manga face drawn with Paintology

A manga drawing done with Paintology, pretty easy to do. Send comments and I will be happy to help out!


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