Draw a Manga Face – Part 2

This is a continuation from the previous post of the ‘Draw a Manga Face – Part 1‘. On that post we learnt a few methods to draw manga faces at different angles by sketching out a sphere for the head and then drawing concentric circles for the eyes, nose and mouth. It is a method that is adopted by many artists and will be modifying this to fit the Paintology drawing application.

In this drawing, I have tried to pay more attention to the concentric sphere and circles so that I get better placement of the eyes. In my previous drawing, the eyes were off in position and needed to rub it out to get to the right place. In context of the drawing, anything can be out of place if we don’t pay attention to the relative elements of the face. This becomes even more so when we draw the manga caricature in many slides for example a storyline. However, the idea is that with practice you will get better. Gregory Manchess a popular illustrator was told that he had it in him all the time (talent) and he would reply, no, it was only through persistence and practice he got to where he is now.

Here is the second version of the manga face, keep in mind that I have never drawn manga before but excited at the prospect of what is to follow.

Manga face, 2nd attempt with Paintology.

Here is the youtube video…

If you compare my first attempt with this second attempt, you will notice that the face is glowing more without the ‘sinister’ look of the first one. We will attempt another drawing to see if we can improve on this. Here is the link to my 3rd drawing of the manga face.

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