Landscape drawing on the Samsung S6 Lite tablet

I just recently got hold of the latest Samsung S6 Lite tablet and thought I would take it through it’s pace with a drawing using the Paintology app.

The experience was a pleasant surprise compared to my other drawings on various other tablets. Apart from the smoothness of action, drawing felt very comfortable on the tablet using the provided S6 stylus. A lot of thought has been given to the pen and the drawing ‘feel’ and this was noticeable as I was doing the drawing. There is no ‘glassy’ feel to the pen on the tablet and there was some friction when drawing with the pen on the tablet. This may have been due to the nib of the stylus or some coating on the S6 itself. Nevertheless it was not a distraction, in actual fact, the drawing was made very easy with plenty of glide that is required for speed drawing but at the same time providing a tactile feedback.

You can check out the final drawing here and the stages of the drawings below.
Let me know what you think and share your experience with the Samsung S6 Lite.

S6 tablet drawing

Stages of the drawing:

S6 Lite - BlockingBlocking the painting and drawing distant objects.

Drawing the middle-distanceDrawing the middle ground.

S6 drawing the foregroundDrawing the foreground.

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