Line Drawings made easy with the Paintology app

Line drawings can be a fun way of drawing for many artists since the technique is generally easy to learn. Drawing with gray shades using pencil requires a good understanding of gray tones and lots of practice.

If you are into traditional drawing, you won’t go wrong with the Paintology app available from the google play store (links below). The tools are simple and intuitive but yet powerful enough to make simple to advanced photo realistic drawings.

I will try to do a top down approach to drawing with the Paintology focused more in the areas of line drawings.

One of the very first line drawing (without the straight lines tool) is shown below. The original drawing that I used for this line drawing was an ink drawing that I found online and I thought it might be better to do a similar one on the Paintology app.

Colorful line art drawing of a bunch of fruits – Paintology

Here’s more that you can watch on YouTube on line art drawings with Paintology.

Landscape drawing using line art method:

Line art drawing of a face without taking the finger off the phone or tablet:

Line art color drawing of two girls in the rain:

Line art drawing of girls in the rain | Paintology app

Line dart drawing of a woman’s face using the freehand approach.

Free hand way of drawing a woman’s face with Paintology

Another approach to line art – using the Paintology straight lines tool:

The straight lines tool comes with the Paintology app where once this option is set, you can move your finger from one point to another and a straight line will be drawn. This makes for creative line art drawings using the straight lines tool.

Here is a good demo on using this tool to draw a fox’s head:

Line art drawing with Paintology using the straight lines tool.

One of the advantages of doing line art drawing on the app is that you can rapidly increase your skills in the digital medium. This is because the traced method of doing the line art allows you to get better in your accuracy of the line placements. This becomes handy in general drawing where you need to build your skills in drawing strokes and a better appreciation of the brush tool.

Over time, you can select any brushes to make freehand drawings as shown in the previous section.

Let’s look at some of the creative ways to extend the straight lines tool as it is related to line art drawings.

The following articles are a good start to get going with line art drawing:

When using the app, try to load images in trace mode and from the pictures you take on your camera. In this way you can visualize lines to draw over this image and create your own unique piece of artwork!

Here is a demo of a creative piece of artwork that you can do on you phone or tablet!

Creative line drawing with the free Paintology app

There are many tutorials, well over 400 that you can try with the app with the aim of improving your art skillsets whilst having plenty of fun!

Download the app today!

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

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Happy Drawing & Painting!

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