Paintology on TikTok!

Paintology on TikTok

We are happy to say that we have started a Paintology channel on the hugely popular Tiktok social platform. Amaze your friends with what this Paintology drawing and painting app can really do!

We are always looking for creative artists that have found great uses with the Paintology app, please email us through the contact us page, or post something on the Community channel from the app. In case you have not used this greatly loved section of the app, you can post your picture, like, share, comment and even chat with thousands of other Paintology users.

We are so impressed with all the feedback of our users and continue to improve the app so that anyone with a phone or a tablet can draw using the sketch Paintology app. Drawing is a great pastime that everyone should do as you can lose the moment for the time you are doing the drawing, I know I do!

The Paintology drawing app has been designed to be easy for anyone to pick up and start drawing, all the controls are intuitive and within reach of your fingertips. It is this reason alone that you can do simple drawings all the way to photo realistic drawings on the app. How many of you have seen drawings at this level being made on an app, I personally have not found any, but would love to hear from you on this topic of photo realistic drawings in the digital medium.


tiktok emerald drawing

Simplicity is the key to drawing

If you are new to drawing especially drawing on your phone or tablet, don’t think that tools are going to make you a super star artist, it always boils down to your basic drawing skills. This is something that will make you stand out from other artists, your unique drawing methods and skills. After all when you do pencil, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic painting and drawing, your creative works are always assessed over what materials that you have used, right? The same should apply to any other mediums such as the digital drawing and sketching pads applications that are found on the Google and the Apple play store.

The digital medium is an unusual art medium since it’s inception with the birth of the first Apple and Windows computer PCs. It became clear that the digital medium was a perfect platform for the many illustrations, animations and graphics art that we have all become accustomed to. This has been carried over the years along with the tools to many applications that we see around us today. It has been designed to serve those particular groups of artists but not the traditional artist who are more inclined to be given a canvas with a pencil, pen or brush. This in essence is the core of the Paintology app, it has been designed with the traditional artist in mind with no ‘intrusive’ tools between their pen and the canvas. It can, in effect, be less forgiving when it comes to drawing compared with other drawing apps out there, but it surely makes you a better artist as it relies on your innate skills in drawing and painting. Any drawings that you do with the Paintology drawing app, does not appear contrived and many would mistake it for a drawing or painting done in the traditional mediums.

Paintology drawing interface

Photo realistic drawings

As mentioned earlier, how many apps do you know that can reproduce photo realistic drawings? I have seen many drawing tutorials online and youtube where some good artists try to emulate photo realistic drawings. Unfortunately, all these drawings have a sense of ‘computer’ generated elements built into them and almost anyone can see that it was done digitally. Take a look at the drawing below. This was done on the Huawei Media M5 Lite and I had posted this on reddit and the very first comment that I got from this upload was, ‘is this a joke’. Clearly many are baffled by the ability of a digital medium to reproduce this type of drawing especially in a digital medium. Many see photo realistic drawings of this kind on traditional mediums but the degree of accuracy cannot be achieved like in the digital medium with Paintology because they don’t have the zoom function! The point is with practice you can also draw like this.


We are all entering a new way of drawing and painting due to the ubiquitous nature of phones and tablets. The power of these devices are such that drawing at high resolutions are easily achievable and Paintology takes full advantage of this. More and more people will engage in this activity and the fear of technology (technophobia) will diminish and we can look at drawing and painting in the same way we view drawing and painting with traditional mediums.

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