Pencil Drawing App Released!

We listened to our readers and have released our latest app in the Paintology family of apps!

The Pencil Drawing App is now available from the Google Play Store and will allow you to make pencil drawings just like the real traditional medium but only more powerful.

If you like drawing with pencil and paper, you will like this pencil drawing app by Paintology!

We must emphasize that this is an actual pencil drawing app with a full gray scale to select the gray tones and use our popular shade tool. With this tool, you have enormous versatility in getting the right tones down on the canvas. This increases the tones you can lay down on your canvas compared to the traditional pencil and paper.

Draw many subjects with this user-friendly app such as portraits, landscapes and make your own unique artwork that you can share with friends and family.

We think you will love this app and are happy to hear from all our readers!

Here is a screenshot of the pencil drawing app

Actual pencil drawing with the Paintology Pencil Drawing App

The tools for pencil drawing with this pencil drawing app is very intuitive and available on the main canvas screen. There are none of the several click-throughs to get to the tool you are looking for. Everything is available directly on your drawing canvas!

More screenshots!

Download and install the new Paintology Pencil Drawing app:

Download the free Paintology Pencil Drawing app from the Google play store.

Paintology Pencil Drawing App – Google Play Store

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Happy Painting & Drawing!

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