Drawing for the health of the mind

Drawing can be a fun activity and it doesn’t have to be structured. It’s a direct link to one’s creativity and to one’s thinking. We often make the mistake of judging drawings too harshly for it’s technical ability rather than it’s creative worth. This is why we can sometimes be at odds with art critics and dismiss art on the grounds of what we think is good or bad.

We all know that our personal experiences and thoughts determine what we choose in our lives. This matters in what we eat, the way we dress, how we choose to use our free time, the people we care and love. The list goes on but that is what makes us individuals.

With the proliferation of information all around us, we can easily get caught up in things. For example, our viewpoints on politics, controversial topics, world events, goals we are striving towards etc. We are at a point where we need to make decisions rapidly and ‘filter’ out unnecessary information that does not add value to our lives. The guiding light of ‘value’ is very much dictated by the ingrained set of principles that we plant in our heads through experience, knowledge share and what we consider as individuals to be important.

What is one’s idea of becoming the right person and the so called guiding principles that we live by. Do we turn to the holy texts for this, can we as an adult make those decisions ourselves without relying on others. After all, we have information at our finger tips on any subject that may tickle our fancy or have some particular worth at a particular time.

As a youngster, we have the world in front of us that is ready for conquering and we feel so empowered that we feel we can do anything we put our minds to. It is only with age that we realize that the uphill battle to realize our dreams can be laden with obstacles and disappointments. For some they would lay down their towel early and come to accept themselves to be just another small cog in this vast wheel of life. For others, they would venture on, refusing to accept the defeats and tribulations of life, always knowing that something greater must lie ahead. In all cases, it reflects upon the person we really are and a brazen reminder to ourselves and to everyone the very personality that each of us possess. After all, we are humans at the end of the day and we are a tribe, what makes anyone special by any account.

Our mind strives to find meaning and wonders off to the life of ‘the luck of the draw’, shedding doubts to our original thinking and reassuring ourselves that luck can indeed play a vital part in this journey. So what is the point of trying if you don’t have luck on your side? Do you believe in the probabilities that if the coin always turns heads, it will one day turn tail? How do you know if you possess luck but it hasn’t just yet crossed your path? Many of us have outgrown this style of thinking and to accept life for what it is based around necessity, to grow tenderly with age and then to die with dignity. For others, is that all there is to life?

Maybe the moments of bliss and pure pleasure stems from the very things right under our noses. Maybe we should indeed embrace those moments and pay more attention to those smaller things that one can easily overlook by searching for magnificence. Perhaps the gender half was the reason for bringing more clarity to our thoughts but still enabling the inner desires that we have for this world.

Perhaps we should just stand still and close our eyes and imagine ourselves to be no more significant than an insect. Maybe, this can shed more light to the inner being that is in all of us and perhaps point to the true direction that we should strive for. Who knows.

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