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Mar 28,2020
Painting landscapes can be fun and it is not that hard. Here is a drawing that I did with the meadow tool of Paintology. #landscape #intermediate #sunrise #capture_light #digita_drawing
Apr 03,2020
I did this drawing on my giant 65 inch tablet. I wasn't sure what to expect but the experience was completely natural and similar to my previous drawings on a 32 inch. Although, I felt that I had a higher degree of control on the bigger 65 inch screen compared to a 32 inch.
Jun 08,2020
I thought I would test my new Samsung S6 Lite with this drawing that I did on Paintology. The S pen makes the device pleasurable to use. I tried experimenting with the brushes and opacity to achieve the clouds and far distant objects. Let me know what you think!
Jul 19,2020
Here is something I drew in about an hour on the app. You can do the same, just watch the video!
Jul 20,2020