A landscape scene with an interesting foreground subject.

Drawing and painting is always an inert passion that comes from within. Often many beginners make the mistake that drawing/painting is very dependent on the materials and tools that you use. That maybe true but you select those for the right reasons and that should be for what you are trying to achieve. If you are starting out, just go for simplest tools possible and then build up your skills. Once you have that down, pick the tools, not because you want to acquire the craft of drawing/painting but because you want to improve yours skills in a particular area.

In this drawing, I have limited the colors to basically 2 which is green and a hint of blue aside from the black and white. I used the brush tool ‘wave’ for this work with no particular reason, but only so that I can try out this brush to see the kind of effects that I can produce. Before doing this drawing, I tried out the wave brush to do strokes and set the opacity (hardness and density) for the actual drawing.

The video shows the steps and direction I took which is basically the following:

  1. Draw the background
  2. Draw the electric bulbs
  3. Make adjustments, I went through the background again so I can make the bulbs stand out more
  4. Draw the details all the way to the end of the drawing, adjusting size, color, opacity but keeping to the same brush.

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