Beginners pencil drawing / Wolf/ on your phone!

Pencil drawing is perhaps one of the biggest pastimes that any youngster and even adults are likely to participate. It is the ultimate form of expression where you are using your skills in hand and eye coordination and transferring to paper.

Many who see other artists draw with such ease are at a loss on how they do it. The fact of the matter is that they have a sufficient interest in drawing that they naturally take it very far. A majority of us will give up on the first few attempts since they lack in confidence and become too self-critical without understanding the process.

With the advances in technology, we are now at a point where you don’t need drawing materials to learn to draw, you can do this right on your phone.

With the Paintology pencil drawing app (available from the google play store), you have the ability to make drawings just like the real thing.

Overcome those fears and see how quickly and easily you can make great strides in your pencil drawing!

The Paintology app allows you to draw easily and comfortably on your phone just as you would with paper and pencil. For best results, I would suggest you buy a cheap stylus.

pencil drawing on phones
Draw with the Paintology app – Drawing on the phone

Although you are not meant to draw to the level of details shown in the above video, you need to improve with some practice. The Paintology app has been designed from the bottom up to enable beginners and advanced artists to achieve their full potential.

For beginners, there are many fun tutorials to help you become comfortable with the digital medium and then rapidly increase your skills in drawing strokes, understanding of tones and master drawing skills. You will find that as your skills grow, your interest will also grow and drawing will not seem like an effort but an enjoyable pastime.

I have taken my drawing skills to the extent that I can now routinely make photo realistic drawings.

Drawing of the Wolf on your phone:

One of the first challenges in drawing is that beginners have a hard time to visualize the form and shape of the object to draw. What they lack understanding is that the process of drawing involves mini-steps and it is like building up the drawing bit by bit. You could say, that it is similar to sculpturing where you start off with a lump of clay or plaster model and then turn it into a beautiful work of art. The same is true of any drawings.

As I continue to draw, I am constantly observing the strokes I am applying and darting back and forth from the reference picture to my drawing. I look for darker and lighter tones and apply my marks to reflect this. As you go through the video of the wolf drawing, you can fast forward through the sequences where you can see how I build up tones.

One of the first step to good drawing is to get an outline and shape of the object you are trying to draw. After that, just focus on the developing the tones as mentioned above.

Here is the video of drawing the outline:

The beauty of practicing drawing on the phone is that you have so much versatility of the phone over pencil and paper.

  • Firstly, you normally carry your phone with you all the time, it’s always there when you need it
  • You can draw whenever you feel like creating
  • The app (paintology) allows you to make simple to advanced drawings
  • You can undo easily and start again with your drawing
  • You can save your drawings to start again
  • Share your drawings with others and show off your skills

There are many tools to mention all of them here but the fact is that you are carrying a drawing pad and tools with you all the time!

Below is the second stage of the drawing where I complete the drawing from the outline. As mentioned notice how I never assume it’s complete and I continue to build the tones, the furs and the dark areas around the eyes until I am satisfied. When you are first starting do not make the mistake of being self-critical and dismiss that you cannot draw. You will see that I do not have a crystal ball of how my final drawing will appear but based on my experience and skills I will know it will be something of interest and probably satisfying to me.

If you don’t have realistic goals, you will not achieve the skills that you are looking for. After all a footballer in the Premier League did not get there overnight, they had to put plenty of practice and play many games to get there.

Here is the video of building up the drawing of the wolf:


Drawing is a great pastime and I find it surprising that not many do it or give up too easily. Now that all of us own a phone, anyone can now draw with the Paintology app from the Google play store.

You will find many helpful tutorials on the Paintology app to get you started and become an artist that you will be proud of. Try to pace yourself when drawing and don’t bee too self-critical, try to understand the processes that other artist use to make their drawings, don’t follow them blindly. There are many video tutorials on the Paintology app that can guide you in the right direction.

Here is to great drawing!

Download the Paintology App:

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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