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Draw a colorful dog | Paint by Numbers | Paintology drawing app

There has been a recent surge in Paint by Numbers kits due to people staying home over the lockdown period. It’s a great pastime that has brought about mental piece and quite. In these hard times where social communication has been prohibited, this is a great hobby. A result of the pandemic is that people have harkened back to their old hobbies like Paint by Numbers. It is a great pastime to improve your painting and drawing skills while having fun. To learn more, please visit my recent blog post on the site.

Colors in Paintings don’t always have to be exact

In this painting & drawing, we do this wonderful colorful drawing of a dog’s head. The subject of animals is always a favorite subject of artists, new and advanced. Once you have completed this drawing, it will surely look good on any wall. To do this painting, you can download the master template which is in high resolution (1683 x 1806) and can be printed in large format. When doing this painting is not to follow the exact numbered regions since the smaller regions can take time.

Another tip in Paint by Numbers and when you want to improve your drawing and painting skills is to be experimental. What I mean is that accomplished artists love to use their own techniques that they have learnt. This means you can also apply your own techniques to the painting. For example, when you want to add your own colors or do something to the completed painting. I often go quickly over the painting to bring about the essence and not worry about the tiny details. In this way, you can look at the painting from a distance and see what needs improving. Remember when you apply your own strokes like this, you are doing something totally unique. This is where you can be really excel and open up your creativity. You can understand the nature of the colors and contrasting colors and how they are positioned. Then you can and add your own colors, rather than being too clinical in your approach. In this way, you can basically paint over the template according to your strokes. Why not give it a try!

Learn from YouTube videos to see how other artists do their work

Check out the Paintology YouTube channel for more info on the Paint by Numbers.


You don’t have to print out the template and do the painting with traditional mediums. You can actually do the Paint by Numbers right on your phone or tablet. The purpose of doing this is to encourage you to use your phone or tablet for drawing and painting as it’s an exciting medium for expanding your skills and creativity.

I have been doing traditional drawing and painting for a number of years and have learnt much from seeing other artists paint and draw. Now that we have the phone and tablet, anyone can draw and improve their skills in art. You can download the app from the link at the end of this post.

Here is the master template of the Paint by Numbers, colorful dog.

Created with GIMP

Paintology app has a certain traditional look and feel

Once you have downloaded the app, you can go through many of the other Paint by Numbers and increase your drawing skills while having fun.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!