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Draw a rag doll | Paint by Numbers | Paintology drawing app

This is a paint by numbers drawing of a rag doll that anyone who is new to the Paintology Paint by Numbers app can do. This is because the colors are limited and big allowing you for more movement of the brush, plus you can complete this in one sitting.

If you are new to Paint by Numbers, it is always good to start off with easy to do drawing tutorials. Please check out the videos on the quick guide and try many of the drawings available in the easy section. Pay close attention to the number of colors and the number of color patches that you need to apply to enable you to become confident to go to the next level of drawing.

Once you are comfortable with the drawing tools and have enough confidence in your ability, you can go to the next level and try out more complex paint by numbers gradually. If you have installed the main Paintology app which consists of the other drawing modes such as Trace Drawing, Beginners Tutorials, etc. you should try to dabble in those modes of drawing. In time, you will be able to improve the skills required to draw and paint and create your unique works of art.

Art is a field which people are not born with the skills but have persisted in improving their skills and are able to paint and draw unlike most people. Most people actually fail on the first round of drawing and painting, because they don’t give themselves a chance to improve, too quick to judge and not following the guidelines of most art instructors.

If you want to learn more about drawing & painting and especially if you are beginner, please check out the links below.

An explanation of why some people find drawing difficult.

Her is the Quora version that you can read and find related content on this subject:


When you do this drawing of the rad doll, don’t worry about trying to get the paint right up to the line, you can always do this in the touch-up part of the painting which is usually at the end. What you should consider is trying to draw fast and develop those muscles which in time will automatically adjust to do the drawings faster. Think of the children who draws and paints, they are fearless and unashamed to make mistakes as they go along. Some of the children, grasps their own strengths indirectly and they become better in painting and drawing over others. Here is the crucial point, you should always complete the drawing and then reassess your drawing. Keep these thoughts in your mind when you tackle another drawing.

Below you will find the master template Paint by Numbers drawing of the rag doll (1592 x 2146). You can print out this drawing as you wish and then use your favorite pencils, acrylics or even water colors. Use something that you are very comfortable with and try that medium. However, nothing can beat the ability of doing this drawing right on your phone or tablet. Don’t worry about the device size, you have the zoom function to over come the limitation of the screen and you can get close to the details, even more so than using traditional mediums. In actual fact, how many of you guys pull a magnifying glass to do an actual paint by numbers. The drawing loaded with the Paint ology app on a typical phone is equivalent to an A3 or A2 sized drawing with the zoom function.

You can check out this video which will show you how to do this exactly:

Paint by Numbers drawing on the Paintology app.

The rag doll paint by numbers template:

Created with GIMP

Once you have downloaded and installed the Paint by Numbers, try all the drawings in this section and many more that will be uploaded for your pleasure.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!