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Draw a Realistic Face of a Woman on your Phone!

Realistic drawing with the Paintology app is not that difficult at all, providing you understand the mechanism of drawing on the digital medium. I am not saying that you need to understand all the digital features of the app since you should be able to transition your drawing or painting skills from one medium to another.

Fortunately, the Paintology app available from the Google store allows you to do exactly this, which is to transition many of your artistic skills learnt from the traditional medium to the digital medium.

In this drawing of a realistic face of a woman, I used one brush to do most of the drawing and simply adjusted the brush size, pinch zoom in and out and varied the gray tones. This gives you plenty of control over your drawing as can be seen in the video of this drawing.

I recommend you go through the video to see how I do this drawing. This will give you a good idea of the drawing process I use for this drawing of a woman’s face.

Here is a summary of the steps:

  • Use larger brush size initially: This is common in most traditional painting and drawing whereby an artist will create the structure or the body of the drawing or painting by going over it quickly with paint or pencil. In the case of painting, we ‘block’ out and cover large areas of the underlying colors of the final painting we are doing.
  • Start with the outline: In most drawings and paintings, we often start with a quick sketch or outline. This provides us the ‘key’ for the drawing or painting. In this tutorial, you will already be provided with the outline of the woman’s face. Remember, that you can use the app to do any types of drawing and creating an outline of an image is very easy. Check out some of the videos on the Paintology YouTube channel.
  • Spend more time where it matters: You will see that I spend a bit more time on the facial features such as the eyes, nose and lips. The shadows of the face were very easy to do since I used a larger size of the shade brush but used a very light tone which made it more forgiving to the viewer.
  • Hair & Eyes: I enjoy experimenting each time I draw, how else are you going to learn. Follow your intuition and don’t be afraid to just try it when you get the urge. For the eyes, my mind kept saying that I should use the line brush to do the highlights of the eyes and the lips. I am glad I did since it really made the drawing stand out. There is a saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul. For the hair, I also used a combination of the line and shade brush at a small size and kept going back and forth. Did I learn something? Yes and No. However, if you don’t try, you will never know, at least you can dismiss some methods of drawing and try something different. This is the beauty of drawing which many beginner artists cannot fully appreciate.
  • Final Touches: I have noticed something slightly different in me when I get near to the end of the drawing. This has happened to me when I was demonstrating the ‘block color’ method of drawing with Paintology. You can check out the recent videos on the Tutorials and Blog sections of the Paintology website. The feeling I was getting recently, was that I was able to spot enhancements to the drawing as I was nearing completion. Perhaps my acute sense of drawing has increased and I am able to tap into my inner thoughts and feelings to see areas I need to address. I put this feeling down to the mental state of the mind where it can ‘go to work’ to resolve any discrepancies in the real world. This is is really touching on the ‘infinite intelligence’ that was talked in the book by Napolean Hill, ‘Think and Grow Rich’. A must read for ambitious and curious people.

Video of the Realistic Woman’s Face:

Draw a Realistic Woman’s Face with simple tools of the Paintology app

The drawing was made on my Galaxy Note 10 phone (6.3 inch screen).

I used the native stylus that comes with it, but you can use your fingers on your phone. However, if you plan of doing many drawings on your phone, I suggest that you invest on a stylus, it doesn’t have to be expensive, a few dollars is fine.

There are some areas of the final drawing that I would have liked to have seen improved. However, based on my explanation above, I will leave this for another day and let my brain come up with a solution!

Here is the final completed drawing

Final completed drawing of the realistic woman’s face with the Paintology app

When using the final drawing as a reference to drawing yours, there are some options.

You can open up this tutorial on another phone or tablet while making your drawing on the phone. A better option is to use the video toggle button on the app itself. Check out the two screenshots below.

How to switch between your drawing and video tutorial.
Video part on your app for the tutorial.

The way the video toggle works is as follows:

When you toggle to the video by pressing the icon shown in the screenshots above, you will move to the video and vice versa. When you do the drawing, you can switch to the video and watch segments of the video and then switch back to your drawing. In this way, you can stay in step with the drawing. If you are comfortable drawing with the reference image only, just flick to the first part of the video that contains the image and switch back to your drawing. Keep doing this as you would when referring to a photo when drawing. You can also pause the video and it will stay in this position for you when you come to refer to it.

Remember, if you are a beginner, you will need to have some practice before you can draw like this. I would highly recommend to get comfortable with many of the fun tutorials on the app that will brush up the necessary skills to draw like this.

The Paintology app is unique in that it uses different methods of drawing which has been designed to improve your skills in drawing with the digital medium.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!

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