Draw a Rose | Paintology pencil drawing

In this drawing demo, I show you how to draw a rose on the Pencil drawing app by Paintology.

Drawing on paper with pencil can be fun and engaging, but did you also know that you can do the same thing on your phone. You just need the right app for this. With the Paintology pencil app you can make equally distinctive pencil like drawings on your phone or tablet.

Here is a drawing of a rose that I did just the other day:

Rose drawn on the Pencil drawing app using the shade brush tool | Paintology

You can see the video of this drawing here:

Draw a rose on your phone – Video demo – Paintology

The art of drawing on the Phone:

Drawing on your phone is actually no less different to drawing with pencil and paper. It is just a matter of practice and in time, you will look at this medium as just another great medium to exercise your creativity.

I could go into details here of the virtues of drawing with the phone but it would be better if you read the previous articles I have written on this subject.

Comparing the two mediums for Drawing – Digital & Traditional
Appreciating gray tones towards great drawing skills!
Using the Shade brush of the Pencil drawing app | Paintology

If you go through these posts, you will start appreciating the essence of drawing on your phone or tablet. At first, like doing anything new, you may find it comfortable, but afterwards, once you become comfortable with the tools, you think differently.

I have done hundreds of drawings on my phone and tablets and if you asked me how I feel about drawing, I can answer these questions with some context.

  1. I am new to drawing on phones but I have drawn on paper for many years

Like any new mediums you start, you will find some discomfort as you adjust to the new medium. This is fully expected for any artist no matter a beginner or an advanced artist.

2. I don’t like the feel of a glass surface

Unfortunately, this kind of presumption is what is going to prevent you from discovering new mediums just because of the ‘feel’. Every medium is different, you just have to look at acrylics, oils, watercolors etc. I don’t venture into oils that much, but I do not dismiss this medium based on how I feel, it’s just that I have not given it enough of a try!

3. Too much technical knowledge rquired

This is the biggest hindrance (in my opinion) that is preventing accomplished artists in the traditional medium from venturing into the digital medium. Many of the digital drawing has come from the domains of graphics artists and evolved to serve the graphics industry. This means they all have skills in sophisticated app such as Photoshop. As an accomplished technologist myself, I remember how ‘un-intuitive’ Photoshop was to use, however being the biggest in their fields, many heavy users had no option but to learn this beast of a software.

I am pleased to say that with modern technology, this field of digital drawing has become easier and more accessible to the masses. Being a traditional artist myself, I took the thinking of what I had learnt and applied this to the development of the Paintology app

Once you install the Paintology drawing app, you will see that the intuitive interface allows you to pick up drawing with the app in a matter of minutes! You simply have to try it to believe it.

With this app, I found more nuances of the digital drawing medium and turned the app to be a framework for all traditional artists trying to move into the digital world. With practice you can create drawings that defy the way digital drawing has been perceived up to today. In my opinion the tool does not control the finished product but the master craftsman behind the tools.

Below is a post on Quora that is typical of drawing with the Paintology app:

Traditional or Digital?


It was only when another artist pointed out that the painting appeared traditional rather than digital. You will find his comment in the post above.

I hope I have convinced you enough that the digital medium is continuing to grow and want to encourage other artists to this versatile medium. Once you have overcome the initial uneasy ‘feeling’ of drawing with app, you will be surprised with it’s enormous capabilities. I too was very pleasantly surprised and still in wonderment to how rapidly I had developed the skills in this medium. After all, I am an entrepreneur by heart and always want to push the boundaries of anything that I usually undertake.

Resources of the Paintology App:

In this resources section, you will find various links which includes links to the apps by Paintology and other social media sites. In this way, you can get a better idea of the capabilities of the app and how you can apply your creative skills with this app.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

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Happy Painting & Drawing!