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Draw a UK phone booth | Paint by numbers | Paintology drawing app

When you visit a gallery and look at other artists work, you will see that the painting or drawing close up can look very different from a distance. This is because in art, the whole visualization of the painting/drawing is interpreted by the brain. The brain has a tendency to fill the gaps based on our past experience if it does not have the complete information. This applies to paintings that we see in large format and then when viewing in a smaller format.

We use this trick to create this paint by numbers of the famous red phone booth typically found in the UK. On close examination, the painting/drawing is fairly sparse with a few patches of colors. However, this is enough for the brain to create sense of the whole painting. This scene with the white background depicts the snowy atmosphere whereas the contrasting bold red of the telephone booth gives the image a strong sense of presence.

Here is the complete template for you to download and print or simply do it on your phone with the Paintology app available from the Google play store.

Template of the Paint by numbers of a red phone booth scene:

Red phone booth against a snowy scene | Paint by nos with Paintology

Original completed painting used for reference when coloring:

The completed painting should be used as a reference for coloring this Paint by numbers in much the same way as the paint by numbers than come in a kit form.

This paint by nos. drawing/painting is ideal for beginners. Once you have done the coloring, try to be creative and add your own touches. You can do this on a phone or tablet since you can save the work and do the painting as many times as you want.

Created with GIMP

For more of these fun subjects to paint and color, please download the Paintology drawing app available from the google play store, links below.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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