Draw a water droplet in charcoals

Realism drawing can be easy to do with charcoal and the right medium. Here I demonstrate how to use charcoals on a black media pad to draw a slow motion water droplet.

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The task of drawing realistic drawings is made easier if you can break up the image into tones. The next thing to do is to match your colors to that tone level. Sometimes the drawing can be deceiving when you think you have the right tone but you realize that you are off by a few values. This is because lighter tones against a darker background can look deceptively more bright than it is. You will discover this as you keep drawing.

Though there are probably tens of tonal values in any drawing, we don’t have the luxury of buying every pencil or chalk for to get the right value. This is where we can mix and blend dark and light tones to get the right tonal value.

You will see in my sped up shot that I go over the drawing multiple times to get the values right which is done through mixing as I suggested. Blending is also great to diffuse the sharp edges of any pencil and chalk marks. They are particularly useful in portrait drawing.

Materials used:
Strathmore Artagain paper – coal black
Charcoals (cheap and cheerful, anything in Michaels will do)

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