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Drawing is fun and it doesn’t have to be hard or difficult at all.

Now that most of us have phones and tablets, we can draw easily on these devices just like pencil on paper. If you always wanted to draw, now is better time as any to do a new app that offers Paint by Numbers. With this approach in painting and drawing, you load a popular drawing template that is numbered for you to paint. Like the real Paint by Numbers kits that you can buy from local hobby shops or Amazon, you can use your phone or tablet to do the painting.

With the Paintology drawing and painting app, you can improve your artistic skills rapidly which helps you develop all those important skills required to make good drawings and paintings. You will find the links below to show you how to install the Paintology app and try out many of the tutorials in Paint by Numbers. You can load this drawing template of basketball shoes and all of the other templates found in this section. There are over 100 tutorials for you to try and organized by easy to hard and with interesting subject matters.

If you enjoy landscape painting and come from a traditional background in painting, you can try many of the landscape templates to paint over. In this way, you can appreciate color, depth, enhance your drawing strokes that will help you with your painting skills both in digital and traditional.

Here is the master template of the paint by numbers of the basketball shoes. When you do this drawing lay down the larger colors and use the featured completed drawing as a reference for you to lay down the smaller colors. Don’t attempt to get exact placement of colors in the way shown on the template, try to experiment with what you feel comfortable. You can make as many mistakes as you want since you can always undo your strokes, pick a smaller brush size and zoom in to the finer details. Something we cannot do in the traditional medium and with this approach you can do fine examples of Paint by Numbers that will look lovely when printed and displayed on any wall.

Here is a paint by numbers video painting of a dog that was done using the Paintology app.

How to use the Paintology app for doing Paint by Numbers approach

With the Paintology app, you not only have the method of Paint by Numbers, there are many other methods of drawing such as Trace drawing, 3D drawings, Camera mode drawing. All of these have been designed to get you into drawing and painting again right on your phone or tablet. No need for you to scrummage through your papers to find pencil and paper. With the Paintology app, you can save your work and continue to work on your drawing, redo another drawing as many times as you wish. Maybe you want to experiment with the colors, or try to get you strokes right for a particular are of painting?

Here is the template of the basketball shoes that has only a few colors and details to render a drawing just like the real things. It is ideal for the beginner or intermediate artists alike.

Created with GIMP

As you continue to draw and paint with the app, you will find that the medium is not that much different to the traditional mediums such as pencil, charcoal or pastels. Eventually, you will find that your artistic skills will allow you to paint and drawing like the real things but even better. After all, I made some photo realistic drawings with this app, check the one out below.

Painting and drawing fun on your phone!

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!