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Draw birds on a branch | Paint by Numbers | Paintology Drawing App

In this paint by numbers drawing by Paintology of birds on a branch, we use only eight colors to create this painting on your tablet or phone.

Paint by Numbers is a great pastime and is now available on your phone or tablet. On this app, you will find many drawing subjects for you to try and improve your drawing skills while having fun. You can also print out the drawing template and use your coloring pencils or other traditional mediums. However, using it on the app allows you convenience of saving your artwork and also printing them out to hang on your wall.

Drawing and painting is a pastime that many of us have embarked on especially during the lockdown period over the covid pandemic. It has many benefits of healthy well being due to the pleasure of creation and using your hands, eyes and mind to make a drawing.

Here is the master template of the drawing of birds on a tree branch.

Created with GIMP

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!