Draw Naruto on your phone | Paintology app

Naruto is a famous anime character much loved by many people young or old.

Here is an opportunity to draw your very own Naruto on your phone or tablet using the Paintology app (available from the google play store).

Here is the completed drawing that was done on the Samsung tablet.

Draw Naruto on your phone with Paintology

Tips to drawing Naruto:

The method used in this drawing is easy to follow and anyone should be able to do this.

  1. Draw the outline of Naruto first.

Drawing the outline first is always a great reference point to make your drawing. It allows you to get the perspective and main separation points for the colors. Although, in the ‘block coloring’ techniques used in some of the Paintology drawings, no border such as an outline is needed. I hope to bring you more on this subject in the blog posts, please look out for.

2. Draw the clouds.

The clouds have a hazy less defined look, so the ideal brush is the shade. You will see in the video below on how I achieve this cloud effect with the shade brush and how easy this can be. I also happen to use the shade brush to make photo realistic drawings. I have been telling everyone that there is no limit to digital drawing and the tools are not going to make you a great artist but your skills with the tools. With sufficient skills of the tools you can work it to your advantage. Just yesterday I was drawing clouds with the line tool, something I don’t normally do and I used a line tool and was surprised with the right settings the cloud effects that I was able to achieve.

3. Block color the areas using color picker.

Block coloring is a term I use for coloring in all the primary colors of the drawing. This is done using the Trace mode of the Paintology app and the color picker. By having the trace bar in the upper half of the region, you can pick out colors that can be applied to your drawing. This allows me to block out all the colors rapidly throughout the drawing.

4. Final tweaks.

You will find the final picture has some obvious ‘imperfections’ and the way to fix them is to simply zoom into them and go over it again.

Here is the video to guide you through this drawing:

Naruto drawing on your Android phone using Paintology

There are many tutorials to help you with digital drawing on your phone and tablet and Paintology is a great way to get started. There are over 400 tutorials for you to try!

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!

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