thumb water drops

Draw realistic water droplets on your phone!

Water droplets are always an interesting subject to draw and they are not that difficult to do.

In this tutorial we are going to make a realistic water droplets drawing using the Paintology drawing app (Google play store). You can find the links to the app and other social sites at the end of the post.

Once you have downloaded the tutorial (#9457), you can start making this drawing. Use the toggle button to switch between your drawing and the video tutorial. Below are the steps to the drawing.

  • Load the Trace Tutorial: Once you have the tutorial loaded, you can start making your drawing. Use the tools provided to create the drawing. Check out the video first to see how this is done.
  • Use the Trace Bar: Move the trace bar from the trace image to your drawing. In this way, you can pick underlying colors and also use it for reference for your drawing.
  • Use the shade brush to do the background: The shade brush is ideal to draw the ‘blurred’ background as shown.
  • Use the line brush: The line brush is ideal to make the water droplets.

Paintology is a unique drawing app that has helped many artists become better in digital drawing. There are no skills required to master drawing on your phone or tablet, since the same philosophy is used as in traditional drawing. If you love traditional drawing, you will love the Paintology app.

There are over 400 tutorials for you to try and help you improve your drawing skills as you learn and have fun in the process.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

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Happy Painting & Drawing!

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