Importing Images – Video Guide

Importing Images – Video Guide

This is one of many video guides to help you get started quickly with the Paintology app.

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Paintology – Bringing back the fun and enjoyment of real drawing!

This video will show you how to import your drawings from other applications to the Paintology app. You may also import other images that you want to draw over or even trace over. Drawing with other images is an excellent way to become proficient in drawing. Over 700 free tutorials for you to try!

Video Guide

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Paintology has been designed to bring back the fun of drawing and painting in the digital medium.

In this video we’re going to show you how to import images into Paintology to use with the Paintology app.

For example, if you want to continue drawing with a previous drawing you had made with another app.

Or if you wanted to use this drawing in the trace mode of Paintology and use it as a reference.

From the home screen click on My Resources which will take you to another screen.

Click on the import images button.

You will see a link for importing images, click on this link or the image above.

This will open up another screen where it will show the image resources on your phone or tablet.

You can import a single image or a number of images to import into Paintology.

After you have selected the images, a dialog will open up asking you to go to the My Paintings directly to check the imported images.

Let’s do that.

You will see the new imported images labeled as I.

Let’s click on one of the imported images.

You will see this image open up on the drawing canvas.

You can now paint over it or make adjustments etc.

If you want to use this image for a new drawing, you may want to open this image in Trace mode.

To do this, click on the drop down menu of the image.

Then go to Open in Trace and the image will open up in the traced mode.

You can now draw over this image just like doing a trace drawing.

For more information on this, please check out the other video guides provided on the Paintology app.

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Paintology – Bringing back the fun of the real thing!

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