Make this easy pen drawing on your Phone!

In this tutorial we are going to make this very easy and simple outline drawing of a girl with a headphone.

The tutorial is based around the Paintology trace mode of drawing which is a great way of improving your drawing and painting skills with the app.

Here is the final drawing you can also create on your phone too!

Anime girl with headphones – Draw on your phone with Paintology

You can also watch a video of this drawing to get an idea of how you can quickly make this drawing.

Simple drawing that you can do right on your phone – Learn digital drawing with the Paintology app!

There are many tutorials available on the Paintology drawing app.

You can choose from 400 tutorials and there is something for everyone!

Paintology Drawing App (Main):

water mark for Paintology on Google play store


If you want to contact Ferdouse Khaleque, the quickest way is to post on the Community section of the Paintology App and create a post putting hashtag #ferdouse.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!