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People seem to love dolls no matter how old they are in their lives. I think this is due to their attachment when they were young and seems to stick with them till their late age. I remember, in my younger days when I wanted an action man doll really badly and I would always think and dream about it before I got one.

In this doll drawing of a paint by numbers (PbyNo), we tackle this drawing with 14 colors and color patches which are large enough for any newbie. I usually attempt to do this drawing by tackling the larger areas and then going over the smaller details by zooming in. In much the same way that you would turn a drawing around, the Paintology app has the feature of zooming and orientating the picture in any way you want. In this way, you are always presented with a comfortable drawing position. For example, when I want to do long strokes, I keep my hand close to me and orientated the drawing so that I can do a sweeping action with my fingers without moving my wrist or hand. You will achieve clean lines by doing that.

To see some of my paint by numbers drawing, please check out the video below.

Draw a Paint by Numbers drawing of a lion using the Paintology Drawing app.

The template of this paint by numbers painting of the doll, can be found below.

Created with GIMP

As mentioned before, you can print out this template and use your normal drawing tools like colored pencils. However, you will have more fun doing this right on your phone where you can save your work and resume later and once completed share and print out from your phone. The Paintology drawing app is only available on the Android store yet, but we should be launching an Apple version very soon.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!