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Paint an HD Tiger (colorful) – Paint by Numbers – Paintology Drawing App

In this drawing of a tiger, I thought to use another color from the familiar orange and black stripes that are the signature colors of tigers. You can locate the HD master template which you can print or better still do the drawing right on your phone. On the phone or tablet, you have a higher degree of control on the brush strokes since you can zoom in to the tiny details. I have done a similar one of a lion which you can check out in the youtube video below.

Paint by Numbers with the Paintology Drawing App

The truth about Paint by Numbers is that you can rapidly increase your drawing and painting skills with this app while you have loads of enjoyment and fun. There is a good reason why Paint by Numbers have been with us for so long. If you want to read more about the Paint by Numbers method of drawing and painting, please check out my latest blog post…

Paint by Numbers – A great pastime now on your Phone or Tablet

You also have the option to print this out on your printer and use colored pencils or acrylics or any of your favorite mediums. However, I would suggest you give the app a try which you can find the link below this post.

Created with GIMP

Once you have the app installed you can try out this drawing/painting or many of the other drawings that are in this site.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!