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Paint by Numbers | Color a happy couple | Paintology drawing app

Here is another easy painting of a happy couple that you can download, print and color with crayons, pencils etc. This paint by numbers drawing has been designed to improve your drawing skills. We recommend that you use your phone or tablet with the Paintology app to paint this. Many of you are not familiar with doing paint by numbers like this on the phone. This is because it was never available until now! Check out the links on how to get the Paintology drawing app.

Here is the template of the happy couple paint by nos.

happy couple coloring with paint by numbers (Paintology)

Use the original as a reference for the drawing

When making this drawing, you want to refer to the completed drawing as a reference. This helps you understand how accurate you need to be especially at the edges. When doing this drawing on your phone, try to zoom in to get more accuracy on the lines and rotate your phone or tablet. You can also use the zoom feature which you can rotate without having to move the phone or tablet. In this way, you get closer to the details and able to lay colors as you want.

Created with GIMP

We recommend that you try the easy ones first, which you can usually tell by the number of colors and also the size of the regions. It is always a good idea to start this way and become better. In time, you will be quite adept with the tools and make all kinds of drawings and paintings that you can share with family and friends.

Try many of the other drawings found on the app, we are adding a new drawing each day.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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