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I thought I would do flowers on paint by numbers which I have not done for sometimes.

Coloring books or paint by number?

You may have seen these types of drawings in your local newsagent. They are based on coloring books that have become a bit of a hit with adults. For example the one shown below.

An example of a coloring book.

The way the coloring books work is not that different to Paint by numbers landscapes, which you will find plenty on the site. The paint by numbers landscapes is more structured whereas the coloring book only gives you a template for you to color with your own choice. Each of their advantages and disadvantages but for newcomers into art, paint by numbers are easier and more effective.

Incremental improvements to acquiring drawing skills

In this painting of paint by numbers (flowers), you will do this fairly easy painting. It will definitely help with your drawing skills. Remember aside from the fun factor in doing paint by numbers, your goals are to get better in drawing. The paintology app has been designed with that in mind.

Most artists will tell you that the reasons they got into art in a big way was their intense interest in the subject. They are usually accomplished artists and gone to produce amazing works of art. For most of us, it is best to keep it simple and follow a stepwise approach to help with your drawing and painting.

Check out this previous post that breaks down this approach of incremental improvements,

Incremental improvements to great drawing!

Paint by numbers (flowers)

Template for the paint by numbers of flowers.

Drawing is a skills but with time and practice you will see improvements. This paint by number flowers is an ideal drawing for beginners. Print it out or much better is to try on your phone or tablet.

Try to keep the completed featured image open so that you can refer to it.

Created with GIMP

If you are serious about drawing and painting, you will have come across the tablet or phone as a way to get into this hobby. Some will dismiss this medium as not true painting or drawing but you will be wrong.

The new digital medium for artistic creations

The digital medium will allow you to draw and paint just like the traditional way but without the mess. We have come a long way today in art with quality materials that we expect for traditional painting and drawing. However, the digital medium has matured to a level where it can displace some of the drawing types. For example, the paper drawing can be replaced with digital drawing where the tablet and stylus offers a great alternative. You can also see how painting has actually been done on large screens, please checkout the YouTube videos below.

Painting on a large 65 inch screen!

You don’t need a 65 inch screen to do a digital drawing, try your own phone or tablet. There are many examples and methods of drawing with the Paintology drawing app available from the Google play store. This is a great way for you to get into painting and drawing.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!