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Paint by Numbers | Draw a female eye | Paintology drawing app

Drawing eyes have always been a favorite subject of artists, since eyes have been considered as the ‘window to the soul’. Their fascination stems from the direct gaze can have an uneasy feeling to anyone looking at it. Here is the paint by numbers template of the female eye which you can print out or draw directly on your phone or tablet.

Drawing an eye using Paint by Number from Paintology

Make a semi-realistic drawing of an eye

We are going to try and do this drawing of a semi-realistic female eye from Paint by numbers on the Paintology app.

This drawing is fairly easy to do since it involves a gray scale and can introduce you t the world of tonal values. This important parameter is critical to making good drawings and often used in shadows and to show depth. It will be a good practice for you to understand the tonal values in gray, although same exists for colors too.

Here is a color version YouTube video that you might like:

Learn shading with the Paintology app

If you really want to excel in art, you should know all about drawing shades and textures. You can read more about creating realistic drawings from Quora below. However, do not let the ability of the artist put you off, understand the points. After all, an artist is not made overnight but with consistent effort on their parts. You can also check out my earlier post below which shows the importance of incremental steps of doing/reward towards improving.

Beginners advice to understand what it takes to be draw realistically

How to master your drawings skills over time.

Doing the actual drawing

When doing this drawing with the Paintology app on your phone or tablet, try to study the drawing first. Just like any project that you embark on, it will help you to complete the drawing in stages. You can download or put the completed paint by numbers of the eye for reference when drawing.

Here is the completed paint by numbers drawing of an eye:

Created with GIMP

As mentioned before there are two ways to make this drawing. You can print this out or do it directly on your phone or tablet. Here are two video guides that show you how to do this.

Download and print the paint by numbers template to use with colored pencils

Downloading and printing out the Paint by Numbers templates.

Do the drawing directly on your phone or tablet

Drawing with the Paintology drawing app on your phone or tablet

Digital drawing is a perfect way to improve your skills

I have worked in traditional ways to make my art creations but I have also found that digital drawing is a great medium that extends your creativity and skills. The Paintology drawing app is an ideal easy to use app that you can download from the Google play store and try on your phone or tablet. It has all the features of brushes and zoom to make drawing the way you want it from the moment you download. You will find links below.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!