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Paint by Numbers | Paint Katrina Kaif | Paintology Drawing App

Drawing and painting portraits is always a popular subject amongst beginner artists or advanced. Since we spend most of our lives in the company of other humans, its inevitable that it is so popular. The subject of portraits has a strong community amongst accomplished artists who are always trying to perfect their craft. You may want to look at the triangulation method below for drawing faces.

Using the triangulation method of drawing portraits & faces

Paint by numbers template of Katrina Kaif, the famous Bollywood actress.

The paint by numbers method of painting and drawing has now been transferred to your phone and tablet. Now you can enjoy the paint by numbers that you have been doing for years, right on your phone. With the Paintology app, you can try this painting of the famous Bollywood actress to grace the screen of movies. The painting is great for a beginner and you can do this fairly quickly on your phone. Although you have the zoom feature of the drawing app to get close to the details, it is worthwhile to invest in a standard stylus to use with your phone/tablet.

Here is the finished template which you can download or paint directly on your phone.

Katrina Kaif paint by numbers | Paintology drawing app

Paint by Numbers that you can print out

Some of us who are used to the traditional way of doing paint by numbers may continue to work in this way. You can also do this with the Paint by numbers templates from the Paintology website. Please check out the YouTube video which shows you how you can print out the Paint by nos. templates directly from your phone. You will need a printer connected to your phone.

Print the many Paint by nos. templates from the Paintology.com website

How to do the Paint by Nos. painting on your phone/tablet

As mentioned, you can do the paint by nos. in the comfort of your own phone. All you need, is the app available from the Google app store and search for ‘paintology’ or from the links below.

In order to do the painting properly and to the original (featured) painting, I suggest that you either print out the featured painting or have it available on another phone or tablet. In this way, you can refer to it when you do your actual drawing on your phone.

Here is the featured completed painting of the Bollywood actress, Katrina Kaif.

Created with GIMP

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!