Pencil shading tutorial – Cute squirrel hugging flower drawing

We are going to use only one brush tool to make this cute drawing of a squirrel hugging a flower.

Open up the tutorial on your phone or tablet #9737 of the squirrel flower video tutorial. You will find an outline of the squirrel and flower so you can get down to the business of shading and drawing.

The pencil mode of drawing with the Paintology app is ideal for artists who love drawing with pencil and paper. It allows you a high degree of control over the lines and gray tones thus expanding your drawing skills rapidly.

Once the outline is loaded (Fig. 1), you can use this as a reference to do all the shading required to do this drawing. Make sure you watch the video first to see how I accomplish the various areas of gray tones and developing the fur. For your convenience, I have outlined the steps I took to make this drawing.

  1. Do the background. Use the shade brush to do the background as shown
  2. Add the gray tones to the main subjects. You will note that the final drawing has various gray tones and less of the white, so it is a good idea to fill this in using a larger brush size of the shade.
  3. Add the details. You can reduce the size of the brush and zoom in to do the whole drawing. I start from the top of the head of the squirrel and work my way down.
  4. Make it better. You will see that I go over the areas more than once. This allows me to look at the whole drawing and see what areas need addressing. I continuously vary the gray tones to get what I am looking for.


I recommend that you watch the video of this drawing to get an idea of how to go about this shading and pencil drawing. You will find the video easily accessible from the Paintology app for this tutorial.

Cute pencil drawing of a squirrel hugging a flower – Learn effective shading.

Outline of the squirrel once the tutorial is opened.

Outline drawing to make the shading for the completed drawing.

Once you have downloaded the outline, do the shadedbackground as shown below using a large brush size of the shade. You will find all the info in the video provided above.

Do the background in shade using a larger size brush

Paintology App:

Learning pencil drawing on your phone and tablet is super fun and easy!

You can rapidly increase your skills by drawing with the Paintology app in pencil mode. This allows you a high degree of control over the brush size and selection of gray tones making your drawings really stand out.

Try it out and post your questions or messages through the community section of Paintology. I am sure to give you feedback!

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!

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