Using the brush creator of Paintology | Drawing example

Paintology is a very versatile app that can enable you to make creative drawings and paintings on your phone and tablet. With none of the steep learning curve of other apps, you will feel right at home with the app once installed on your phone or tablet. The intuitive interface allows any beginner to start using it in in minutes and advanced artists to make creative drawings like nothing before.

Completed abstract landscape painting using brush creator | Paintology

In this tutorial I will show you how to use the brush creator (create your own brush) to make effective leaves for this landscape drawing. The landscape is fairly easy to draw since the colors used are minimal so you just have to focus on the general tones of this drawing. Keep in mind the old rule that far distant colors in landscaped generally tend to be muted in tones. The foreground or close distance items are higher in tones and have more contrasting images. I use this general rule of thumb to change the brush size depending on where I am on the ‘distance’ of the landscape.

Use tones to good effect

If you are in the far distance, use a smaller brush size with muted tones to draw in that region. Also use the color palette to good effect, since the grayish ‘muted’ tones are on the left side of the palette. At mid-distance, increase the brush size a bit more and lay down colors that are less muted than the furthest. However, keep in mind that you want to have a mixture of all sizes wherever you are in the picture otherwise it will look blocky and unnatural.

When you have a brush color and size, apply this over whole of the landscape. You will get a better idea as you do the painting rather than looking at the individual elements at a time.

I also adjusted the person in the middle of the drawing holding the umbrella as the person was too big. It was nice to see how I was able to set the person back into the distance by reducing it’s size. Below is the video of the painting and drawing which you can do on the Paintology app available from the google play store.

A step by step tutorial on a landscape drawing using Paintology

Here are the steps to the important timestamps found in this abstract landscape drawing

Basically, we open the tutorial with the overlay sketch already done so we don’t to have to worry about getting the proportions right and get into the drawing right away!


  • 0:10 Load tutorial to your phone using the Paintology app
  • 0:15 Use a brush tool and block out the main colors to this painting
  • 0:15 – 2:03 Blocking out the painting, no need for accuracy, just try to get the right tones
  • 2:04 – 3:25 Let’s create a brush and have fun with the leaves
  • 3:26 – 4:53 Finish the painting with adding leaves, highlighting and more

Once you have completed the drawing, its a good idea to review your painting and not make hasty decisions about your ability. The final painting will always tell you more about the areas you want to improve. It is best to ask yourself the following questions when reviewing your completed painting.

  • Has the painting got perspective – You should have perspective from the beginning from the initial sketch, however you may have lost perspective and depth due to the lack of color gradients as described or out of proportions trees close to use or far distant.
  • Are your colors all over the place – In real life there is no single color that defines objects. You will find that objects have a complex gradient of colors, textures and tones. This exercise will take a bit of time for beginners to appreciate but as you do enough drawings and paintings, you will definitely get better at this.
  • Are some of your objects wobbly – This is also expected in the part of the beginner since you haven’t developed your strokes yet. Only with time, will you get better with your strokes, so keep it up!


Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!