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Landscape drawing on Paintology using the charcoal brush and inspired by a users photo!

I liked a users uploaded photo to the community so much and I thought of making this painting on Paintology, hope you like it! #ferdouse #paintology-painting #landscape

Celebrating Beethoven’s 250th anniversary with a drawing on paintology

paintology drawing using charcoal brush tool, see the youtube video! #ferdouse #beethoven #beethoven250

Homer Simpson drawn with Paintology

I thought it would be fun drawing this! #paintology-tutorial #ferdouse #homer-simpson #trace-mode

Photo realistic drawing with Paintology

Popular peanuts by KP – Hope you like it! #ferdouse #photo-realism #KP peanuts

Walkers crisps – photo realistic drawing with Paintology

A drawing that I did testing the new gray scale feature of Paintology #ferdouse #photo-realisim #paintology-drawing #walkers-crisps

Portrait drawing of the late Chadwick Boseman with Paintology

I created this drawing using just the shade brush of paintology on my P30 phone. #ferdouse #portraits #shade-brush

Photo realistic drawing of a gemstone using Paintology

This is a drawing that I did after watching the famous photo realist artist Marcello Barenghi of his drawing with brushes, pens and pencils. Wanted to show what Paintology can do!

A horse drawn using only the shade tool of the Paintology app

Here is a drawing that I did using only the shade brush of the Paintology. It is remarkable how versatile this brush is along with the zoom feature of the app. Check out my free Udemy course on this and other drawing classes, search for Paintology on the Udemy search box.

A horse drawn on the Paintology app using only one brush tool!

I have drawn a few horses in traditional and digital and thought I would give it another try. I was surprised with how versatile the shade tool is when you really get down to it. Check out the free Udemy class on drawing this horse…

My third attempt at a photo realistic drawing using the Paintology app

I decided to push the limits of the Paintology app by doing photo realistic drawings. So my drawings take a bit longer than usual. I was surprised with the results and I would put this down to my persistence in drawing and also the latest release of the app. Hope to see you guys post Read More