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A painting scene while I was outside with my Galaxy tablet.

Here is a drawing that I did while I was outside with my tablet and the humble Paintology app. It was the very first time, I though of doing a drawing in plein-air but it was definitely done. This one, took me under an hour. Hope you like it!

Snoopy ❤?


Drew this in Paintology, what do you think?

I imported this photo on the corner of the drawing and used it as a reference for drawing on Paintology.

i have tried #joker assignment.

Joker drawing

#tutorial from paintology

drawing with the help of #trace function.. its cool feature???

Paintology Assignment: Joker day!

We have a brand new assignment for our Paintology users. Since many of you love the Joker character, why not draw it. You can find our own tutorial in the Paintology Collection. Why not submit your own and label it with #Joker. We will give a special mention to anyone that ‘tickles’ our interest!

New video tutorials – Please check it out!

We have posted new tutorials for beginners and advanced artist. You can find all of these if you go to the Paintology Collection. #tutorials #trace_tutorial #strokes_tutorial #digital_drawing

Christmas balls