What are the best tablets for digital drawing?

What are the best tablets for digital drawing?

Many people are now venturing into digital drawing due to the numerous hand-held tablets that support these drawing applications. Some manufacturers go as far to promote their tablets based around their drawing capabilities. Examples like Apple with its iPen and Samsung with its proprietary S pen.

For many beginners, specialized devices that support the pen is not required in drawing, a simple stylus that you can get for under a 5 is perfectly fine. However, the bigger the screen the better and it’s a good idea to start with a tablet of sizes 8″ or 10″. This is because you have a wider area to do your drawing and you can experiment more and make mistakes as you go along.

Once you gain proficiency with the digital applications such as Paintology, you can then start to think about precision based tablets around a pen. Even then, you need to be a pretty accomplished artist to get the best out of the device. Remember, manufacturers do nothing to pin-point your specific level of ability or interest, they are simply trying to off-load as many of their tablets to the general public as they can.

Your aim would be to start off cheap and gradually work your way up. Focus on the tasks of doing drawing rather than the bells and whistles of the application or the tablet. You should ask yourself how other good artists are almost always good in their ability and this is always down to technique and not the drawing materials.

Fortunately, there are many tablets that can support the many drawing applications that are found on the Google store such as Paintology, etc. If you are a hardened Apple fan, get yourself one of the older generations of the Apple tablets and start from there. There are plenty to be found in ebay, amazon and many other online stores.

I hope this article was useful for you. Now go and start drawing and most important of all, have fun doing it.

Happy Drawing & Painting!

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