Author: fkhaleque

A collection of swans near a local lake

I took this photo on my Huawei P30 phone. Posted on Google maps and got 38k views in less than a month! Hope you like it.

Paint by Numbers | Marilyn Monroe (Andy Warhol) | My 2nd attempt!

It took me some time to do this but it was fun! #PbyNo Drawn on my samsung S6 tablet in portrait mode.

paint by numbers drawing #dog #pbyno

my first attempt at this paint by no tutorial, let me know what you think! #dog-drawing #ferdouse #paintbynumber

rubiks cube fun

Rubiks cube making a come back? #rubik

Consciousness has quantum permutations

#consciousness #ferdouse #quantum-mechanics


welcome to Biden

Trump Biden

best Biden

This is Biden & Trump

well come to Biden

3D drawing of a coke

3dlD drawing i did on the Paintology app #ferdouse #3d-drawing

paint by number

p by no of a lion #ferdouse