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Anime Drawing on the Paintology App

Anime is a popular drawing subject for many youngsters and adults alike. This is partly due to the proliferation of TV series and movies based around the anime characters and stories. You only have to check Netflix or Prime to see all the TV series and movies made in Anime. Paintology is a great app Read More

Drawing a manga face – Part 1

I have always been intrigued by manga and how so many people are avid followers or artists that love this genre. I decided it was high time that I tried my hand in manga drawing. This is a 3 part quick tutorial on how to draw manga on the Paintology app. If you follow this Read More

Draw a Manga Face – Part 2

This is a continuation from the previous post of the ‘Draw a Manga Face – Part 1‘. On that post we learnt a few methods to draw manga faces at different angles by sketching out a sphere for the head and then drawing concentric circles for the eyes, nose and mouth. It is a method Read More

Draw a Manga Face – Part 3

This is a third attempt at drawing a manga face on the Paintology app. The techniques for drawing a face is somewhat similar to ways that have been taught in drawing classes ie. sphere for a head followed by intersectional lines for the eyes, lips, mouth, ears etc. You may want to check out Part Read More