Author: fkhaleque

A shading exercise with the shade brush of Paintology

New tutorial uploaded to the Pencil drawing category in Tutorials section

My shading of the sphere – day 3

I did the Paintology tutorial (coming soon) using shade brush. Wanted to see how you thought of it!

Penguins in love!

I drew this using the shade and line brush on the Paintology app

blue the ancient rock

based on the sci fi book, blue the ancient rock

Paintology pencil drawing of a girl – Samsung tablet

Drew this on my Samsung tablet with Paintology

dog pencil drawing finsished

pencil drawing with paintology

I used only the shade brush to make this drawing #ferdouse #dog #pencil

another drawing on paintology

Using grayscale to draw Grace Kelly! watch the video. #ferdouse

Draw a girl anime with Paintology

Hey guys, thought I would post another drawing with Paintology since many liked my last one #ferdouse #anime

anime line drawing with paintology

I thought some folks like this kind of drawings, so I posted the video too #ferdouse #anime

New pencil drawing tutorial

Hey guys, I thought you might want to try out this easy tutorial under Pencil drawing. I had fun doing this and getting into the Christmas festivities! #ferdouse #xmas-tree #easy-drawing