Recording video of your Drawings & Painting on your Phones or Tablets (Android)

One of the important skills in developing your artwork is to be able to go back to the work and assess how you did this. This not only helps you get better but can also help many others like YouTubers to improve their drawing and painting skills too.

I have been using the Paintology app now close to 3 years and have made many drawings and painting through this app. It has helped me to understand my methods and techniques and to get more feedback by posting on the YouTube channel.

Video & Screen Recording Apps:

There are many screen recording apps available from the Google and Apple stores and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Many recording apps on the Google play store

The problem with many of the top recorders, is that the ads can be intrusive and hinder some of the work that you are trying to do. This also can make the app less intuitive to operate.

As a result Paintology has created it’s own brand of the popular video recording app, which you can find below.

Paintology Screen Video & Capture App 2022

This app has no intrusive ads and has an intuitive way to record video and capture screens on your Android phone or tablet. The best way to fully appreciate this app is simply to install it and if it does not fit your needs simply uninstall it.

Here is the play store link to the App:

The app is small in size about 8.4 MB and has some unique features that I think you will like when it comes to recording on your phone.

I use the app routinely for all of my screen recordings and was designed in a manner that helps users to be more productive with their recordings and screen capture. When we use a tool like this for recordings, we want to less fussy app that will do what is intended and not bombard you with ads. This can happen in the most important segment of your recording which can be a nuiscance.

With this in mind, the Screen Video Recorder 2022 by Paintology was born!

Advantages over other Recorders:

Let’s go through a bunch of features that are most essential to recording on phones and tablets. I will try to describe the features with a view to recordings of your drawings and I use the Paintology drawing app for this.

  1. Launching your video recorder icons

This can be one of the most important salient points of the recorder app which all recorders tend to miss out.

When you launch the ‘other’ top recorders, they launch the video floater or action icons without any reference to the parent app so the app connection can appear confusing.

In the Paintology Recorder app there is no confusion, once installed you go to the parent app and launch the action icons that operates the recorder and screen shots. This is far more intuitive than other methods, since you now have a relationship between the parent app and the overlay action icons.

2. Saving your movie files & screenshots

Another intuitive feature of the Paintology recorder app 2022 over other apps, are the saved files of the movies and screenshots. Naturally, you want easy and quick access to the saved files for sharing or doing some other editing of some kind.

The Paintology app makes this also easy by putting the three most important navigation areas on the home page.

Save movie files and screenshots easily & intuitively!

In addition to the files saved, you can home in on one video or screen shot and be able to share, upload, rename file etc. as shown below.

Easy file manipulation of the movies and screenshots

3. Floating (overlay) action icons

Last but not least are the floater icons and other settings that makes it easy to tailor your recordings, configurations etc.

Easy navigation through floater action menu items

Video of the Paintology Screen Recorder 2022 in action

Here is a quick video guide of the Paintology screen recorder 2022.

Video of the features of the Paintology Video Recorder & Screen Capture 2022

To give you a good example of drawing with this recorder, check out the video below.

Drawing of Mackenzie Ziegler with the Paintology app, recording by the Paintology Recorder 2022

I hope you can put the recorder to good use, here is the direct link to the app on the Google play store:

Thanks for reading and please leave any comments or feedback!

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