Why is art important to us more than ever before?

Most of us are familiar with art since we have in some way did art when we were young. Many of us don’t carry the same passion in art into our adult lives and this is unfortunate indeed.

As a child we create and see something take shape right in front of our eyes and being able to control it gives us an immense sense of delight and being in control. Since art does not have any ‘pay back’ as such and does not contribute to the tangible benefits of family livelihood, ie. money, living etc. it is no wonder it gets pushed into a corner. Unless of course you embark on a career that requires your art skills.

Almost from an early age, we get pushed by peers into the ‘subjects’ that can bring monetary gains and provide a certain standard of living. The social system that we live towards are part of the capitalistic system of economic growth and the skills necessary to support this growth. No wonder, we were hammered at an early stage in our lives not to pursue the subjects of ‘Art’ but more towards the pragmatic sciences where there will always be an abundance of jobs.

I am not dictating that we forego the importance of pursuing a career that will bring monetary benefits, this is of course necessary and essential to life itself. However, I feel that pushing the subject of ‘Art ‘ into a corner has relegated it to a position where we have missed it’s true potential.

Take for example when a child learns to draw and paint and watch the delight in their faces, the focus and attention to details and of course to share with the world what they created. You will see that the act of doing creative work has big benefits that we as adults can benefit from.

Think about the impatient beings we are today, the need to be constantly on the move and always finding ourselves to be less productive than we are. We are finding ‘fixes’ to these problems, by quick gratification on the internet ie. facebook, social sites, humor etc. Think about how we are detaching ourselves from the real world and replacing it with something else. Soon, we will all be at the mercy of our phones and no need for ‘real’ human interaction. This may very well have given rise to all the ‘social’ stemmed crimes that are happening around the world.

Art is the creative outlet from where we can find some sort of solace, semblance and possibly salvation from this fast moving world. The benefits cannot be underestimated, the ability of the human to go back to the deep recesses of their mind and to call themselves human again.

I hope you enjoyed this article. I would encourage you to spend a few minutes of your time to ‘create’ something. Start with the Paintology app which you can download from the Google playstore here.

Happy Drawing & Painting!

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