Author: ferdouse

Realistic glass drawn with the shade tool of Paintology

I drew this using the shade tool of Paintology. It’s quite a good brush to make realistic drawings such as this and anyone can do this with some patience. Hope you can give it a try!

A dreamy landscape drawn using the Paintology charcoal brush tool

A sketch I did on my galaxy tab with Paintology while watching another youtuber creating this drawing from acrylic.Enjoy!

A painting scene while I was outside with my Galaxy tablet.

Here is a drawing that I did while I was outside with my tablet and the humble Paintology app. It was the very first time, I though of doing a drawing in plein-air but it was definitely done. This one, took me under an hour. Hope you like it!

Giant drawing made on a 65 inch tablet!

Here is a drawing that I made using Paintology on my giant 65 inch tablet! Just tap once on the image to see the video. The drawing is of an african sunset landscape to show you the the merits of using the correct colors for a painting. Enjoy!

My first drawing on my giant 65 inch drawing tablet!

I did this drawing on my giant 65 inch tablet. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the experience was completely natural and similar to my previous drawings on a 32 inch. Although, I felt that I had a higher degree of control on the bigger 65 inch screen compared to a 32 inch.

Draw a sunset with Paintology

Learn to use the Paintology tools to draw a sunset. The drawing is made easier with the Trace tool of the app. Watch the video by clicking on the image.

Video tutorial of drawing a Manga head using Paintology

Here is another video tutorial of a manga head drawing. Let me know if you want me to post something similar. Just refer @ferdouse in the comments section. Thanks.

Draw a collie on Paintology

I used the brushstrokes of Paintology to create this drawing of a collie which anyone can do. Just click on image to see video.

Here’s a funny drawing that you might like

The original pic made me laugh and thought about depicting the same with Paintology!

A drawing of dusk on the Paintology app!

In this drawing of a sunrise, I used the Paintology brush using the ‘meadow’ too to make the drawing in under half an hour. One art critic told me that the foreground with the field was a bit of a distraction to the rest of the image and could do without. Let me know what Read More