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Drew this in Paintology, what do you think?

I imported this photo on the corner of the drawing and used it as a reference for drawing on Paintology.

My first attempt at drawing with my left hand

Hey Guys, I thought you might find this interesting as I have more ‘indoor’ time I have always been wanting to do this challenge. I wanted to see what it would be like drawing with my least dominant hand ie. my left hand. So I set myself a 30 day challenge. Hope you like it! Read More

Paintology Assignment: Joker day!

We have a brand new assignment for our Paintology users. Since many of you love the Joker character, why not draw it. You can find our own tutorial in the Paintology Collection. Why not submit your own and label it with #Joker. We will give a special mention to anyone that ‘tickles’ our interest!

New video tutorials – Please check it out!

We have posted new tutorials for beginners and advanced artist. You can find all of these if you go to the Paintology Collection. #tutorials #trace_tutorial #strokes_tutorial #digital_drawing

Used the meadow tool of Paintology to create this, hope you like it!

Painting landscapes can be fun and it is not that hard. Here is a drawing that I did with the meadow tool of Paintology. #landscape #intermediate #sunrise #capture_light #digita_drawing

Be careful, even the little ones!

#coronavirus #funny #kid #laugh

BE SAFE.. !!!

Please be take care of yourself during this Coronavirus.

Talk about no traffic!

Here is a google map with directions to the common destinations around my area. You can see that at these times it takes over an hour to get into London, but now I can do it in less than 20 mins! #CoronaVirus, #HighWycombe #map