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Draw a collie on Paintology

I used the brushstrokes of Paintology to create this drawing of a collie which anyone can do. Just click on image to see video.

Here’s a funny drawing that you might like

The original pic made me laugh and thought about depicting the same with Paintology!

A drawing of dusk on the Paintology app!

In this drawing of a sunrise, I used the Paintology brush using the ‘meadow’ too to make the drawing in under half an hour. One art critic told me that the foreground with the field was a bit of a distraction to the rest of the image and could do without. Let me know what Read More

A snowy scene with a woman walking her dog – Created on Paintology

I drew this on my Samsung tablet with a stylus using the Paintology app. It was quite fun trying to depict the snow!

A free drawing tutorial that I did for the first time.

I show how this works with the video