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I drew this with block coloring on my phone

You can make realistic drawings with ease provided you learn the art techniques. I show you how on the Paintology livestream channel.

Photo realistic line drawing with Paintology

Hello guys, I thought you might want to check out this drawing I made on my Samsung phone with a stylus. Check out the video and let me know what you think!

blue the ancient rock

based on the sci fi book, blue the ancient rock

dog pencil drawing finsished

pencil drawing with paintology

I used only the shade brush to make this drawing #ferdouse #dog #pencil

another drawing on paintology

Using grayscale to draw Grace Kelly! watch the video. #ferdouse

Draw a girl anime with Paintology

Hey guys, thought I would post another drawing with Paintology since many liked my last one #ferdouse #anime

anime line drawing with paintology

I thought some folks like this kind of drawings, so I posted the video too #ferdouse #anime

New pencil drawing tutorial

Hey guys, I thought you might want to try out this easy tutorial under Pencil drawing. I had fun doing this and getting into the Christmas festivities! #ferdouse #xmas-tree #easy-drawing

I enjoyed doing this on Paintology

hope you like this, love scenes like this to draw #ferdouse #venice #pencildrawing #lovedrawinf #ferdouse

girl with umbrella in the rain!

I drew this on the Paintology app, my daughter tells me that I should use the line too to bring out the contrast! what do you think? #pencildrawing #ferdouse #paintologypencil