Draw a Manga Face – Part 3

This is a third attempt at drawing a manga face on the Paintology app. The techniques for drawing a face is somewhat similar to ways that have been taught in drawing classes ie. sphere for a head followed by intersectional lines for the eyes, lips, mouth, ears etc.

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What I have learnt from my last 2 attempts were that the positioning of the eyes was vital to make the whole face look natural. However, my next tasks would be to draw the face in different angles and tilts so that I can continue to improve on my manga drawing.

Here is the 3rd attempt of the face…

Draw a Manga Face – Part 3

You will find the youtube video here…

In this drawing, I spent a few more minutes refining the eyes and hair. I can conclude that my positioning of the eyes are getting better as well as the overall look of the face. It is surprising with a few simple strokes one can get a very different expression of the face. You can be the judge of that.

I hope to bring you more manga drawings as this subject has already tickled my interest. Please feel free to make comments below and happy drawing!

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