Draw a quick landscape with Paintology

Paintology is a great app for understanding the fundamentals of drawing and painting.
For example, the color palette of Paintology is a great way to understand tonal values in a drawing or painting.
The ease at which you can change brush size, set its opacity and do many more configurations allow you to focus on the drawing. This helps you increase your learning speed by a significant amount.

One of the big advantages of using a digital drawing method is that you are not bound by the traditional medium where you cannot build on top of the medium with layer after layers of graphite, pastels etc. However, you can always glaze your painting or drawing, but the work is very tedious.

On the other hand digital drawing is not constrained by this and you can build on layer after layer thus correcting your mistakes as you go. If you want to appreciate the tonal balances required for landscape drawing, then you should check out this Udemy class designed just for this. The class uses the Paintology app. Let me know if you have any questions or need help with anything.



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