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Update: November 2021

I am pleased to say that the Sony app is still available from the Google play store:

You should still be able to download this app from the Google plays, just remember you need to sign in to the Google paly store to download the app. All you require is an email account which most users will have on their Android devices owing to the default Play store available on the device.

I wanted to recommend an alternative and more modern app that caters to all those folks that want to learn drawing on the phones or tablets. This is the Paintology drawing app available below.

With the Paintology app, you have hundreds of tutorials that help you become a proficient artist from making drawings of anime to full realistic drawings. Check it out!

Update: August, 2020

Although, Sony sketch is no longer supported with the community share, there is an alternative that allows you to share your photos/drawings with a similar community. This is the Paintology app available free from the google link below. The app has most of the drawing features including an easy to use chat with fellow community artists. The app also allows you to develop your digital drawing skills.


 Update: April, 2020

As of April 7th, 2020 the Sony Sketch is no longer available on the Google play store. However, you can still get this app by copying the direct url to the store listing which Google maintains on their database, link below.

You may want to try the alternative, Paintology which has been designed from the bottom up to provide the community feature that Sony Sketch had along with a powerful drawing app. Check it out.

google play icon download paintology link

Some of us were mighty confused following the extermination date of the community service announcement by the app maker (Sony Sketch). As it turned out, the community service was STILL operational even after the deadline of 30th Sept, 2019. This naturally put everyone into a false sense of security thinking that the company abandoned it’s plans for disabling the community service.

It is the 10th of October, 2019, which is 10 days away from their announcement date. I am saddened to say that all my hopes and fears were dashed in one stroke, when I pulled up the app to do some drawings. There is no longer a community service attached to the app and all I can see under the menu settings is an About’ link and of course all my local collection of drawings that I have done to date.

We can safely say that the community service of the Sketch app is DEAD!

However, there are other news that was not mentioned in their annoying notification. The app has been taken off the Google play store. Just go to the play store and do a search for Sketch or Sony Sketch, it’s all GONE! I was more shocked to see this than the fact that they pulled down the community service. It means that the Sony Sketch app has been abandoned for good. The company is no longer supporting this much loved drawing app and all users will just need to work from their corner or join another app, like Paintology.

I was quite taken back by the fact that they would pull the app from the Playstore when in actual fact there was no need. Why not just play out the app (no pun intended) and let it take it’s course. I think Sony had other plans based around its business decision regarding this app. In order to keep it in the Google store, it would need to maintain it and that would be a distraction and a cost. By letting go of the app now, the users are left to their own devices (again no pun intended) and see the natural death of this app.

Newcomers, not to worry! You can still get this app.



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