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If you are looking for the Sony Sketch download, you have come to the right place.

For the latest news on the Sony Sketch, check out the blog post here, or link below.

Latest on the Sony Sketch App

The Sony Sketch app that has been with us for over 6 years and was much loved by artists from all around the world. So much so that it had over 500 million downloads!

I have used this app for drawing and sorely miss the community feature that brought like minded artists together.

Check out my youtube videos that I made with the Sketch app below.  The Sony Sketch download can also be found in the link below.

Fig. 1 A woody landscape scene done with the Sony Sketch App

Fig. 2 A simple impressionistic tree drawing.

Fig. 3 A rainy path scene showing the versatility of the digital medium using Sony Sketch.

Fig. 4 An abstract drawing using the Sony Sketch mobile.

Fig. 5 A night scene showing the brilliant colors that can be used in Sketch

Fig. 6 Another different subject of a house on top of the hill by Sketch.

For users who are trying to find the official listing of the Sony Sketch app on the Google play store, you will not be able to locate it by doing a simple search. I have typed the exact title of the app which is ‘Sketch – Draw & Paint’ and Google will still not return the app listing. However, if you were to type the actual unique url of the app (below) that Google maintains in its database then you can locate it this way. Link is shown below.

This throws up the page as shown in the Fig. 7.

Sony sketch store listing

Fig. 7 Sony Sketch store listing.

You need to be registered with the Google play store to see this listing. You should now be able to install this app if don’t have it on your sketch play install link

Fig. 8 Sony sketch direct link access on the play store to install the latest Sony sketch app.

We recommend that you install this app via the direct link access shown above as the Google play store is more trusted than other vendors.

If you failed to install using the above method, you can try another vendor that keeps the apk available on their site, such as the one below.

The download link to the last Sketch apk v9.0.A.0.0, click here.


We recommend that you install Paintology, link below that has been designed from the bottom up to continue where Sketch left off!

To get the latest Paintology app that offers the community sharing just like Sony Sketch, please visit the Google play store below.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

google play icon

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