Sony Sketch Application – How good is it?

Update: August, 2020

As of April 7th, 2020 the Sony Sketch is no longer available on the Google play store. You may want to try the alternative, Paintology which has been designed from the bottom up to provide the community feature that Sony Sketch had along with a powerful drawing app. Check it out.

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Most of us who enjoy drawing and painting have no doubt tried out the Sony sketch application available for both Android and iOS. The application has been around for about 5 years and have attained a phenomenal following of users worldwide since it’s launch. I have been a big fan of this sketch application from the beginning.

Sadly, the community feature of this application will no longer be around from the end of September, 2019. Although, the application will still be around except for the shared features of the community. Users will need to login and download all the shared posts, drawings, etc before that cut-off date in order not lose their work. I hope to bring you another post that will show you how to retrieve all your drawings and save them to your local phone or tablet.

Let’s look at the application and try to understand its huge popularity.

I feel that the popularity of the application was due mainly to the sharing platform allowing users to share their artwork and have it liked and commented. In much the same way that Instagram was a big hit. The app is much loved by the younger population as can be seen from the many of the shared works. There is a strong presence of users from Asia with images of manga, cartoons, dream like images and often hyper-realistic drawings.

Features (7/10)

There are an abundant range of features that are designed for newcomers to quickly get acquainted with the toolsets and start drawing immediately. It didn’t take me long to get accustomed to some of the tools and start to make drawings/paintings to my own liking.

Here is one of many that I did using the Sketch tool for Android on my Galaxy tablet. I tried to create a composition of vibrant colors.



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  1. I love this I’m using at least 1year and half, this is the best app I’ve ever used.
    But now it’s not available on Google play

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