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Color a pizza | Paint by numbers | Paintology drawing app | #6470

The many clipart drawings that you can find online are a perfect way to get into drawing. After all, many youngsters learn drawing by making cartoons.

A clipart colored drawing is a great way to go in digital drawing

In this drawing of the pizza, you will find the subject fairly easy to do. It is a perfect way for beginners to get into drawing on their phone.

Here is the template of the pizza which you can download and print or do right on your phone.

Learn to draw your favorite pizza with paint by numbers

When you start drawing on your phone, don’t feel compelled to look for all those brushes. They will not make you a good artist and a good way to start is to stick with one or two brushes. Have you seen the number of pencils or colored pencils that people use to make so many drawings. The reason why some are better than others is that the good artist has learnt the nuances of the tools and developed skills over time.

The paintology – paint by numbers has a few brushes but you can do a lot with them! Check out the other paintology app series to see what one can do with just one brush. I have created photo realistic drawings with one brush tool, so you can understand. Check out one of my YouTube video to see me in action.

For this drawing, it is always a good idea to have the completed painting close to you. In this way, you can refer to the completed drawing to make yours more accurate. If you want, you can add your colors as you see fit. That is the beauty of drawing and painting.

Here is the completed painting of the pizza:

Created with GIMP

Download and install the Paintology app to make all your drawings

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!