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I have recently got into poetry, and it came to me in the most random way possible. Lying in bed recovering from a bad cold, I was trying to keep my mind occupied with things to do. I started looking into poetry and came across a site that broke down and explained some popular poems of our times. Poets such as Wordsworth, Keats, Frost, Poe etc.

The following short poem (I made) is a good start for me to begin this conversation and journey on Art & Poetry.

A picture is worth a thousand words

A poem inspires a thousand images

A short poem by Ferdouse – Copyright Paintology 2023

This experience was quite an eye opener for me and could now see more of the magic that lay beyond just words alone. Poetry made sense to me after all these times and having remained dormant most of my life. It was literally like a thunderbolt that must have awakened a part of my brain since I could not tell you why this specific time and no other.

Anyways, having acknowledged this rude but pleasurable awakening, I decided to try my hand in writing one.

I should say it is the very first poem I have written called ‘The Pain’ and you can check it out in the link below.

The Pain – by Ferdouse

I was reluctant at first to post this poem of ‘The Pain’, since I had put a bit of thought behind it and was skeptical how it would be received. I went ahead and published it and got immediate feedback telling me how good this was and was encouraged by the commentators to keep writing or penning as poets would like to call it.

And so this is exactly what I did!

Since writing this first one, I had written almost 150 poems!

How was that possible in the space of a month, I kept telling myself? It was entirely due to my new found discovery of words and conveying them in an image that everyone can relate to. I have won a few awards which you can see from my profile on the allpoetry.com website.

All Poetry – Poems by Ferdouse

The problem with poetry is that it can be compulsive and addictive, once you get into it, you just can’t seem to stop. However, one should not blame poetry for this, it is the individual who has awoken to this enlightenment that many great poets of the past have shown through their words.

It is not just a play of words, it is an emotion state as you attach your feelings to words. This is why the nature of poetry can be addictive to many but many people sadly miss out on this magnificent beauty that is nestled behind the words.

Going forwards, I am forever grateful that poetry has entered my life at a such a late stage, I should add. But better now than never as some would say.

Many of my poetry also stems from a picture which is used as a prompt for a poem. These are contests that can be found in the allpoetry.com website. They were one of the big drivers for me to write so many poems in the short space of time but also gave me ideas of my own. You can see an example of this poetry where I had fun making the following one called ‘This Old Cat’.

This Old Cat by Ferdouse and Isha

My daughter Isha (8 years) had fun by making the actual drawing of the man chasing the cat and dog. She did this using the Paintology drawing app in the Trace mode. I pulled some random images online of the man and the animals and arranged it in Gimp and then used that as a template for the outline drawing.

If you are interested, please go to the link above and submit your comments, I will be glad to help you out with more questions or queries. The best way to learn about drawing on your phone is to download the Paintology app, links can be found below.

Combining Art with Poetry

As I continue to write more poetry which happens to be mainly in the morning on the first light of day, I think about how it can be applied to art. Hence the title and the short poem provided at the beginning which is my way of saying that poetry can conjure up emotions and images within.

It is still in the works, for example, the idea of combining the art to the poetry as demonstrated. However, it seems that pictures can ignite imagery that can spark ideas to create poetry. Hence the short intro poem that I came up with.

Hopefully you will feel inspired to write your own!

Here is the short poem that I wrote…

A picture is worth a thousand words

Poems inspire a thousand images


I hope you enjoyed this little blurb on poetry and art, and perhaps inspires you to take up poetry, even if it is not at the frantic pace like me!

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